• Dietitians Who Care

    ReBuild Nutrition, Inc. was founded in 2019 to be a solution to the demand for better post-operative recovery. At ReBuild we believe that we can influence the body's ability to heal by preparing cells for the trauma they are about to endure and providing targeted nutrient infusion to allow cells access to the fuel they require for recovery. We do not claim to 'accelerated healing' or to magically generate healthy tissue - we seek to understand the healing process and support our natural physiology to allow for complete and efficient healing. Our evidence based approach fuses quality science with practical application to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and decrease pain so that the athlete can achieve full range of motion and advance from the acute stage of injury into the proliferation stage with minimal setbacks. By decreasing pain and inflammation in an efficient manner, tissue quality and strength can improve leading to a well-rounded healing process.

  • Knowledgeable Nutrition Expertise

    A Registered Dietitian is an allied healthcare professional qualified to create meal plans that support effective function of the human body.  No fads, gimmicks or tricks - just proven science for long term success.

  • Food Optimism

    Foods cannot be "healthy" or "unhealthy" but all foods have portion sizes that are functional or excessive. We seek to educate each person on the benefits of foods and the portion sizes they require.


  • Becci Roehl, RDN

    Becci Roehl is a veteran sports dietitian with over 10 years of sport nutrition experience, creating sports nutrition programs at UCLA and USC and has consulted in the NHL and WNBA.  Becci is a Founding Board Member to the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association.  She is currently the Team Sports Dietitian for the Los Angeles Angels and works with the Los Angeles Lakers.  These experiences have allowed her to learn from some of the most respected team physicians and orthopedic doctors in the world.

    Becci played volleyball at Pepperdine University and received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology while minoring in athletic training before going onto graduate school at Cal Poly Pomona and earning her RD.  

  • Allie Lawrence, RDN

    Allie Lawrence has 10 years of experience working with elite athletes at the collegiate and professional levels. She has been hired to advise professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA as well as numerous international athletes. Allie is currently working as the team nutrition consultant for the LA Sparks. She has also served as a senior consultant to one of the leading sports management agencies in the world.

    Allie began her career working as a dietitian and fueling expert in the athletic department at UCLA and USC. She is a board certified member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic. Allie received her undergraduate degree from University of Oregon then went on to get her RD from Cal-State Northridge, She currently resides with her husband, Greg, and three children Sophie, Palmer and Peyton, in Redondo Beach, CA.